Client Testimonials

We truly appreciate and value when our clients take time out of their busy day to provide testimonials about their experience. Read what they have to say about their experience with Paranormal Research Organization.


Testimonial #1

I've always had a great interest in paranormal phenomenon. I loved talking to others about their experiences, thought it was entertainment and a fun topic to discuss. I was a fan of a popular ghost hunting series and watched with great anticipation every week as I hoped something unusual would be exposed and I'd be wowed with an OMG moment.

I thought I even encountered real episodes here and there as a kid growing up and as a young adult moving to different houses throughout the years. Intriguing, I thought... And I was proud that I was open and well-adjusted enough to handle such scenarios.

I had no clue how silly my former ideology was or how utterly ridiculous my thought processes were until I received true schooling on the subject matter in the fall of 2016. This is when it began.

I was lying in bed, just woke up, contemplating what was ahead on a Saturday morning. As I lay under the covers, I slowly became mindful and aware that I was hearing a whispery, muffled conversation taking place in my master bathroom. Instantly I became frightened... Were there intruders in my home? I summoned the courage to go and take a look but found no others. But the conversation continued.

I sat on the edge of my bed, confused and becoming uneasy. What was that? Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I made my way downstairs where I sat on the couch trying to reason it away. That was crazy I thought and such a weird thing. I must not have heard what I thought. Nervously I made my way upstairs to tend to my son.

Naturally, I was creeped out so we spent a little time on the second floor and made our way down. It wasn't long before I heard the same thing... The same whispery voices only now they were downstairs not far in proximity. I couldn't make out what was being said, but I heard them nonetheless. Now I was afraid and almost paralyzed because I couldn't escape these two voices.

What was going on?

Not much time had passed when I discovered there were others around me besides these two. Some just made noises, different voices, different personalities... As the days passed I counted at least seven different "visitors." How and why did this ability turn itself on when I never experienced anything like it in the past? I still have no viable answer but I was beside myself with fear because I wasn't sure if the situation would somehow escalate into my being touched or worse, etc. and my fear debilitated me.

Some of them would get very close to me physically and I would get chills and adrenaline as I felt them draw in closer. Sleep became elusive and I camped on my couch with every light on in the house. Dreading night time because that is what our nightmares are made of.

I went exactly 5 nights with none to very little sleep due to my fear and I was terrified to move about the house because everywhere I went, there were the whispers of the ones I couldn't see and I didn’t know if they meant my son or me any harm. I finally asked a family friend to come spend the night with me. Camping on the couch we did, so I could finally catch some sleep.

Once I got some rest and replenished some brain cells I realized that I should start recording these voices and see if anything meaningful was audible. Using my iphone, I did just that and began saving these recordings and actually discovering much more than my naked ears could hear.

I was still terrified but was glad to be doing something proactive. I knew I needed to do more. This is where Yvonne and Michael of Paranormal Research Organization come in; I called in a local professional paranormal investigation team out of Long Beach, CA.

From the very first phone call, Yvonne, the teams’ case manager was a comforting and personable lady who made me feel better instantly. Understand I was a wreck because I was afraid to be in my own house. I wanted to flee and stay in a hotel which I actually did for two days. After speaking with Yvonne, I began to understand that I needed to stand my ground and reclaim my home. I tapped into my courage... Something I thought had long since left me.

I sent Michael & Yvonne some of the audio clips I had saved, and we scheduled an appointment to meet and start the investigation process. I was still frightened, and they understood this so well. They assured and promised they would take my every phone call, day or night no matter the time, and guide me through my never ending questions and fear.

I called many times at night, and true to their promises, we talked sometimes for hours and they helped me gain strength with true empathy and with the education I sorely needed. I can say most positively and without question, I never would have made it out sanely without the genuine love and support they so freely gave me.

A wonderful pair, I squeezed out every ounce of knowledge I could and their care brought me out of the fear and into near warrior status, albeit not overnight but I did slowly morph. I am not afraid any more... Sometimes I am surprised by things that happen still, but they always help me through.

I have grown into having my own EVP sessions and even telling my visitors to piss off and let me sleep, something I was too scared to even think about before. This is something that both Michael and Yvonne said I should not do, and is not recommended. However, this is my home and these visitors are to conduct themselves as well-behaved guests. Another lesson well taught by this amazing duo.

The investigations conducted at my home are far beyond professional and thorough. Their team also includes Julie and Daniel who are fierce as well, and I felt more than taken care of in their knowledgeable hands. Audio, cameras, state of the art equipment, and Michael’s expertise in technology is stellar, and this team does not fool around. They roll up their sleeves, get to the heart of it, and work all night. Impressive to watch professionals in action. I knew I was in the best of hands.

The reveal was amazing... All the evidence captured and presented, as well as a written report and findings.

Not only have these wonderful people cleansed my home, they truly lifted me back into a confident state of mind. I appreciate them with all my heart and consider them my lifelong friends and allies.

No one will treat you as well as this unique team. Respect. Tina

Testimonial #2

I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your help. I was scared to come to work at my own business. The men’s bathroom had so many odd things happening it scared some of our customers so bad that they never came back. I hated staying after closing to stock the bar especially when I was the only one there. I was always hearing noises that sounded like someone walking in the back near the stock room area.

Sometimes I would pay one of the girls to stay with me to help so I wouldn’t be there alone. Other times I would turn up the jukebox louder than normal, so I wouldn’t have to hear all the goings on. A few times I went home and got my husband to come back with me while I finished my work.

My husband and I really appreciate that you guys really know your stuff. Your team is very professional and helped explain what was going on. What you guys got with your equipment was amazing and made me feel like I wasn’t going crazy.

Once again thank you. Dee

Testimonials #3

First of all, I want to say that, the PRO team was very respectful and professional. I would recommend them to anyone that has any type of unusual happenings.

My family was getting to the point of wanting to leave because of all the odd things happening in our home.

I saw a dark figure of a man like a shadow standing in my bedroom when I got out of the shower. It scared the dickens out of me. My husband also saw it once at another time, while I was in the shower. My daughter, my husband and myself saw a small ball roll across the room as we entered from the front door.

We decided that it was time we do something about our unusual situation. I proceeded to do some research online and found a local paranormal group out of Long Beach, CA. Paranormal Research Organization.

After speaking with their case manager, Yvonne, we decided we wanted a full investigation. Three of the team members came to our home and did a thorough interview with both myself and my husband. We conveyed the activities that were happening to PRO, and they went to work. They researched the history of our home and the surrounding area. We set up a date and time for the investigation. They set up their equipment and proceeded to ask questions and record everything audio and video.

The thing that impressed us the most was how thorough they were. They took time and explained everything to us as they did it and why they were doing it.

After the investigation they came back about two weeks later and showed us what they got. The audio was phenomenal. I knew the voices I heard. I knew who they were. It was comforting and frightening at the same time.

The entire experience was amazing… Thank you Paranormal Research Organization.
Alhambra, CA