Privacy Policy

Paranormal Research Organization respects your right to privacy. As one of our clients, we understand that your privacy is highly respected. We will never disclose any information that we collect on our website, in newsletters or press releases without written permission from our clients.

Paranormal Research Organization is not associated with the media, television, or any news-related organizations in any way. We will not and do not take our investigations evidence to the press or media for recognition.

All investigators for Paranormal Research Organization have signed a confidentiality agreement and therefore bound not to discuss or disclose any details of the case to anyone outside of the team.

Any information displayed on our website, in newsletters or press releases is done so with the expressed written permission of those individuals who were kind enough to allow us to do so.

Paranormal Research Organization will not sell or release your information to any third party for any reason, nor will we use it for any other purpose. This includes email, street address or any identifying photographs or videos of the location.

If you allow us to publish our evidence from your case; No names or addresses will be used or listed. No identifying features of your home or business will be shown in any photograph or video. Even with your written permission only the City and State will be listed as a “residence” or a “business.”

If you choose not to allow us to publish the evidence from your case; Everything involving your case will be strictly confidential. All photographs, videos, and audio recordings will be kept only in our team’s inventory.

Paranormal Research Organization will be discreet at all times while conducting an investigation. Arriving at your location with the fewest amount of vehicles possible, with no logos, banners or team advertising on the vehicles.

Our team dresses in normal everyday street clothing with no team logos or names on them. Under certain circumstances, we may have a lanyard with a picture ID and name identifying each one of us.

If you have additional questions relating to our privacy policy not covered here please feel free to contact us.


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