Children and the Paranormal

As parents, our job is to see that our environment in which we live is safe and comfortable for our children. If we, as adults, feel that something in that environment is not quite right should be cause for concern.

Maybe it’s just a few little things that you are experiencing that make you wonder if your house may have some uninvited guests. Or, it’s obvious that something is definitely happening in your home that doesn’t make sense.

Hearing faint voices, footsteps when you know everyone is sleeping, lights turning on and off and doors opening and closing at random. This type of activity is hard to deal with as an adult even more so if you have children in the home. Trying to explain something like this to a child can be a serious and a difficult task, to say the least.

If the children are a little older when discussing the situation be prepared for them to ask questions about what is happening. Only answer the questions that they ask, don’t elaborate, and be brief.

Reassure the child that they are safe and that you are aware of the situation. No matter what the age of your children, you know them better than anyone. So be patient and when they feel the need to talk to you, take the time to sit down giving them your full attention and listen to what they have to say.

Remember to thank them for sharing with you for what happened to them and assure them that you will be doing everything you can to make this problem go away.

Many of us were raised being told that “ghosts aren’t real” and “there are no such things as ghosts," but as adults, we may not be so sure. So, how do we talk to our children when we feel the house they live in may have an unseen guest or two?

If you feel you may be living with an unseen tenant, talking to your children about what is happening in their home is a touchy and uncomfortable subject. One thing is for certain, those who discuss their situation among family members are much better off than the families that try to keep certain things to themselves and don't speak about the odd things happening in their home. Sometimes in a haunting, the witness believes that the unusual activity is only happening to them and no one else. Maybe they believe that the entity is singling them out for some reason.

Perhaps, they are seeing things and think they may be losing their mind. When one family member confides with another, “I have been seeing and hearing weird things in our house.” The other family member replies, “You’ve seen it too?” Suddenly there is a great moment of relief that comes over both people. Now that the discussion is out in the open, you will have group support which will help considerably. When speaking with your children about this it is important to keep your discussion on the maturity level of each child.

Also, remember it is important that you remain in charge of the situation in the eyes of your children. If the children are very young, you don’t need to tell them everything that is happening in their home. You should encourage them to share their stories with you.

Have them tell you what experience they are having without interruptions from you. This will build trust between you and your child and will give them the opportunity to talk to you freely about other things that may be happening in their life. Tell them not to worry, that everything is under control.

Sometimes, especially with older children, it may be hard for them to confide in the parents when telling you about their experiences. Remain open and objective about how they perceive the events that they are describing. Never tell them they have an overactive imagination or totally disregard what they are telling you. If they feel that you don’t believe them this could close the door of communication with you and they may not tell you anything that happens in the future.

This would not be a good situation for a child to hold anything back. Empower them by telling them they are normal and other children have experienced these things too.

Always take your children’s fears seriously and tell them that you are there for them and will listen anytime they need to talk. It’s important for “you” to remember that “you” are not alone. There are other families that have gone through what you are experiencing.

There are ways in which you can get help to understand what is happening in your home. Contact a reputable paranormal investigation team that can confirm or disprove some of the activity you are experiencing. This could also give you peace of mind, understanding and curtail a few of your fears knowing there is someone there that can help you.

Consult with your spiritual leaders at your place of worship. Tell them what you are experiencing; ask for their prayers or any other religious practice they feel that might help in your situation.

This is in no way a substitute for health professionals. If you feel that your child is fearful to the point of anxiety or suffering from fears or phobias, do not hesitate to consult a physician.