Investigation Procedure

Base of operations

We have a systematic procedure on how we conduct our investigations. Upon receiving your investigation request, our Case Manager will contact you to arrange a phone interview. The interview will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. This will give us an idea of the activity that is taking place in your home or business.The 8th Annual Virginia City ParaCon 2018 - May 4th-5th-6th is going to be the best Virginia City ParaCon Yet..


Assuming a full investigation is warranted after the phone interview. The Case Manager will set up an appointment at a date and time that is best suited for you. During the appointment, 2 or 3 of our team members will conduct an in-person interview at your location. This interview should take approximately 2 to 3 hours. For site inspection purposes we prefer to do this interview during daylight hours on Saturdays or Sundays.

While we are there, you (the client) should discuss any unusual activities and tell your story from beginning to end. The interview may be audio recorded and possibly video recorded for our records and reference. If you have any documentation of paranormal activities (photos, sound or video recordings, or physical evidence etc.) please have them available for us to review at this time.

After the unusual activities discussion is over, the question and answer interview will begin. If at any point, you would rather not answer a question, you may decline. At the end of the interview, you will be given several documents to sign giving us permission to conduct research and initiate a full investigation.

Signing Investigation paperworkOnce all the necessary forms have been signed, you will be asked to escort our investigators on a brief tour of the property inside and out, and discuss any known areas of unusual activity. Upon finishing our tour of the location, the client will be given a “Paranormal Activity Log” to document any unusual activity that takes place before our actual investigation.

As soon as we have completed the initial interview and tour of the property, we will return home and begin conducting research on your case, including the property and surrounding areas history. We will then contact you to discuss and schedule the investigation date. All investigations are scheduled and conducted on Saturday evenings.

Most of our investigations require 4 to 5 investigators, depending on the need and size of the location. At the beginning of each investigation, the Lead Investigator will meet with you to see if there has been any further activity and collect the "Paranormal Activity Log.” At this time we will do a brief walkthrough of the property to obtain current data.

Investigation set upDuring this time our team will be hard at work unpacking and prepare our equipment and your location for the upcoming investigation. This may include placing and connecting cables for video and audio equipment throughout the location, setting up cameras and recorders at various spots, and placing sensors in certain areas.

After the placement and final adjustments of the equipment are made, the team will have a brief meeting to confirm the individual investigation plan for this location.

It is very important that your home or business be free of all individuals except the client(s) and our team members. If an exception to this rule is made, any additional people must agree to follow the directions and guidance of our Lead Investigator. It is imperative that anyone who is not team member MUST be able to take direction without any issue.

We do not allow children to be present during the investigation; unless an exception is made in advance by our Case Manager and/or Lead Investigator. If a child is already frightened of something they believe is taking place within the home, the sight of a group of “paranormal investigators” along with all the gear can only validate their experiences and enhance their fears.

Children are also, in many cases, very disruptive to the investigative process and will make the collection of untainted evidence very difficult to acquire.

Aggressive pets such as dogs, cats or other animals must be contained during the entire investigation period unless we feel that in some way they may aid us in the investigative process.

We put forth our greatest efforts during each and every paranormal investigation; however, our main goal is to help our clients understand what it is they are experiencing. In many cases, a logical explanation for the occurrences is found, and therefore we cannot guarantee that we will find evidence of a haunting or any other paranormal phenomenon.

Analyze audio filesPlease understand that these investigations can be very time-consuming. Our typical investigation begins at approximately 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and can last up to 6 hours possibly longer. At the end of the entire investigative process, we will schedule a follow-up meeting in approximately 3 to 5 weeks to review any possible evidence we may have found during the investigation.

Please keep in mind that PRO has certain procedures that we follow and we must go through these procedures step by step prior to investigating your home or business. Please understand that at times our group may have a full caseload as we all have jobs and have personal lives as well.

We do reserve the right to decline, deny, cancel, or abort an investigation at any time for any reason.

While we know that events in life can come up unexpectedly, please make every effort to keep the investigation appointment. In agreeing to perform an investigation Paranormal Research Organization has to schedule personnel and equipment that can be difficult to reschedule.

Please make every effort to keep the investigation appointment and, if you are unable to keep the appointment, please notify PRO as soon as possible.

Your privacy is always our priority. Please read our 'Privacy Policy'