The collected evidence posted here will always be the highest quality video, audio, and photographs of the phenomenon that is captured. This page is updated often as we collect new evidence.

The material presented below is but a small sample of the evidence that we have collected. All potential evidence posted on this page is done so with full written permission by our clients who have signed a Confidentiality Information Release Waiver.

Our objective is to present the evidence collected and let you decide what it may or could represent. When listening to EVP or video footage with sound "always use headphones" for the best results.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON (EVP)- Voices on a recording device that some believe to be the “voices” of ghosts, spirits, or other paranormal entities attempting to make themselves known. The voices are not heard at the time the recording was made but can be heard during playback.

Sometimes the voices are very quiet, as in a whisper or sound as though they very far away and hard to understand. Other ones can be quite loud as if they were standing right next to the recorder.

EVP Evidence

The EVPs listed below were recorded at multiple locations. The brief description before each recording will help you understand what was happening in real time.


This first recording was recorded during a pre-investigation interview two weeks before the actual investigation. There were no children present in the home at the time.

The first voice you hear is the homeowner and then one of our investigators. Right before he speaks, listen closely you can hear what appears to be a young child say “mom” and then 2 seconds later, “mom, mom, mom” very quickly.


The next recording was also recorded during a pre-investigation interview. Our Case Manager was doing the interview with the homeowner. They were almost finished with the questionnaire and both were speaking freely about their children.

The first voice you hear is our Case Manager talking about going to a restaurant with her son and how many people went with them. You will then hear a whisper “She’s very good-looking” with a Hispanic accent. No one at the table where the interview took place had an accent.


This recording was captured during an EVP session in a dining room. This was toward the end of our investigation. Our investigator asks “Do you want us to leave, let us know, make a noise?” The response “Do I have to?”


This was a daytime investigation and captured with a static audio recorder*. Our team along with the homeowner went to lunch after our equipment was set up and running. There was no one present in the home at the time, which was done purposely. This recording is posted here not for its clarity but for its unusual content.

This is a very odd recording and the voice seems to be interacting with the homeowner's small dog. We are not exactly sure as to what it says. Some of our team members and several others have listened to it said it says, “Get d-o-w-n baby.” and others say “Get d-o-w-n off that, baby.”


The following recording was a short introduction before an actual EVP session began. It was recorded in a large bathroom of the Master Bedroom. The first voice you hear is our Lead Investigator saying “We’re not afraid of you.” The response was, “Lil bit.”


This EVP was recorded in a Master Bedroom with a large Master Bathroom with no doors. One of the homeowner's claims was they hear pops, snaps, knocks, and thumps at different times of the day and night.

One of the last things we do before our investigations begin is to set up our static audio recorders* in the more active areas of the location. Here, our Lead Investigator was setting up static audio recorders* in the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom. The remaining team members along with the homeowner were downstairs at our base station in the attached garage with the access door closed.

As our investigator begins to leave the room, he turns off the light walking toward the bedroom door and hears a “snap.” He says, “Snap, really, all ready huh” he turns, walks back toward the bathroom and sits on the edge of the bathtub and asks, “You want to do that again please.” The response was. “We’re here”


This next recording comes from the static audio recorder* that was placed in the Master Bathroom from the above situation. This recorder was approximately 30 feet away from the previously mentioned Master Bedroom recorder. You are going to hear the same recording as above but this recorder was in the bathroom location.
The response "We're here" has been amplified to make it easier to hear. You also hear a "click click" which is our investigator's flashlight.


The EVP that was recorded with the bedroom recorder was much louder than the same EVP recorded with the bathroom recorder, which should tell you the voice that said “We’re here” was in the bedroom.  Thoughts? Comment below

This EVP was recorded on the 2nd-floor landing overlooking a large living room with a high vaulted ceiling. Our Lead Investigator was doing a short introduction right before the investigation began explaining what we were doing with all the equipment and what we were about to do for the evening.

Our Lead Investigator says, “So, we are going to be trying to talk to you from time to time all night or most of the night, then you hear one or our investigators say “flashlight” as she clicks her flashlight. The voice says, "This not happen...all night."

This EVP was a direct response to what our Lead Investigator had just said. The EVP voice pauses as our Lead Investigator says, “and I just wanted to let you know we’re not here to frighten you” and then the EVP voice continues "all night."


This has to be one of the best EVP recordings that we have ever heard. Not only is it very clear but a direct and immediate response to the Lead Investigators statement. Listen one more time and you can hear the echo of our investigator's voice as he speaks because of the large room with the high ceiling. Listen once again to the female EVP, as she also has an echo in her voice… We did not hear this voice at the time.

*Static Recorder: An audio recorder placed in a fixed or stationary location to record.

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3 Responses to Evidence

  1. Sam says:

    Nice site, very informative. The EVPs that you have posted here are extremity good and are some of the best I have heard. These files should be heard by more people. Have you considered posting a few on YouTube? Thank you for sharing these. I’m looking forward to reviewing more of your evidence as you post it. Keep up the good work.

  2. DA says:

    I had expected a bit of a hard time making out what they say… But those are so clear! I got chills on the answer “we’re here”.

  3. Len Tomei says:

    Amazing proof of evidence that there is another Realm / with some entity there that can sometimes communicate..
    Once again you’ve broken all the barriers and found a way to go above and beyond.
    Continued success ….wished for you and your crew, as well as safety.

    Hope to hear more as you get them


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