About Us

Paranormal Research Organization (PRO) is a small private paranormal research organization located in Long Beach, California and funded solely by its members. The purpose of this organization is research into paranormal activity, and understanding the factors that drive this phenomenon.

The PRO team provides paranormal research and investigative services to private residents, businesses, historic sites, government facilities, and installations in our local and surrounding areas at no charge.

Our mission is not to prove or disprove ghosts and hauntings exist, but to assist those coping with their unique paranormal experiences. We offer to ascertain the type of phenomena found at their location and then provide information and resources to create a livable situation.

We approach our clients with a blend of technology, science, and spirituality to address the specific needs of each case. We demonstrate care, concern, respect, and professionalism in all aspects of our work.

Working together with our clients is imperative in order to find the best solution for their unique situation. We provide a continuing relationship with our clients, whenever they need us, for as long as they need us, free of charge.

Paranormal Research Organization has exceedingly high standards for our investigations and all evidence. The evidence we present to our clients must go through a rigorous review process ruling out all possible explanations.

If there is any doubt about the authenticity of the evidence we collect, our review process rejects the publishing or sharing of any content. We tailor each and every investigation to the individual circumstances and needs of the client.

We do not take the approach of a "One Size Fits All" investigation. The methodology we use in our investigations entails first determining whether a natural cause can be found for the experiences of the client. Once normal causes are ruled out, only what may be paranormal remain.

We conduct our investigations using traditional methods and modern equipment to collect on-site environmental data. We do not conduct Exorcisms, Séances or use Ouija Boards, Dowsing Rods, or Pendulums during our investigations.

Paranormal Research Organization will never charge for our services. We are committed to helping those who request our services and wish to help you understand the activity that is occurring. 

We are proud to have remained independent, and NOT associated or affiliated with any television ghost hunting organization as these shows are intended for entertainment purposes only and rarely show the real side of paranormal investigations.


Our Team includes experienced individuals with many different skills coming from diverse backgrounds. Each of our members brings with them a distinguishing set of views and proficiencies which help create a close, well-formed investigative team of believers and skeptics alike. The commonality among our team is the desire and passion for both furthering the field of paranormal study and providing a source of help and education for those who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. We offer confidential investigations of such activity focusing specifically on active hauntings.

Paranormal Research Organizaton Founder & Lead Investigator

Michael Rusher
Lead Investigator

After having an unexplainable paranormal event in Michael’s home at only 8 years old ignited his interest in the paranormal. Trying to explain away this event only intensified his interest in this fascinating subject.

Living in a paranormally active house later in life set him on a path to try to discover what and why these unexplainable occurrences take place.

Even after experiencing these strange events, Michael is still skeptical and will try to disprove an unusual event rather than accept it as paranormal. He also has an interest in the history and explanation of possible reasons why these occurrences may be happening.

Parnormal Research Organization Co-Founder & Case Manager

Yvonne Smith-Rusher
Co-Founder/Case Manager

Having paranormal experiences going back to when she was a small child. Yvonne is highly sensitive and a believer in the paranormal but also has a skeptical side, seeking the truth regarding paranormal anomalies.

As the Case Manager for Paranormal Research Organization, she is the first in line when possible clients contact the group. Without a doubt, a great people person that can put a person’s mind at ease by talking to them for only a few minutes.

Yvonne has says, "there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help others understand why and what may be happening in their home or place of business.”

Public Investigation Director & EVP Specialist

Julie Fiedler
Public Investigation Director
EVP Specialist/Investigator

After losing 4 family members within a 2 year period is what sparked Julie's interest in the paranormal. She began to think that the end of this life may not be the true end.

Watching all the paranormal TV shows only increased her curiosity and interest in this fascinating subject.

With the title of EVP Specialist, Julie has a strong ear for spirit whispers, and years of paranormal research, she is a true asset to the team. Her hope is to be able to find more answers, and help those who have also been affected by paranormal events.

Paranormal Research Organization Team Historian

Daniel Vullo
Team Historian

Shortly after the death of Daniel's father in 1996, he began to have vivid dreams of speaking with his father. Later his mother told him that she was having exactly the same dreams.

During his young life, he found himself reading and watching everything he could on the paranormal. As he matured, he became less skeptical and open to the possibility that there may be something after we leave this spiritual plane.

Serving in the USMC, and graduated college with a major in History, He believes in being thorough and leaves no stone unturned when researching the history of each location our investigations take place. Daniel is a perfect fit for our team, and a valuable asset to what we do.